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Get Ready to Improve Your Confidence

So how do you prepare yourself to begin building self confidence?

One important thing to understand is that building self confidence is a process. It won't happen overnight but you can begin to see and feel results as soon as you start consistently working at it. The good news is that building self confidence is something that can easily be achieved with a little knowledge and some persistent effort.

As you begin to practice what you learn, and start building self confidence you will also begin to create more successes in your life. These successes will begin to compound the growth of your confidence itself. The result is a snowball effect that helps you learn how to be confident even faster than expected.

Confidence creates confidence!

When possible, remain committed to your personal growth and push through challenges. The best part is, even if you fail, you will still gain confidence because you stood and faced the situation. You tried! There is significant courage to be found by simply facing the fear or doubt and making an attempt. If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. If it might kill you, then by all means reconsider!

Be realistic when evaluating your doubts as well as your goals. As you continue to learn how to be confident, you will also learn how to better evaluate your goals and fears.

Hopefully some of these concepts will help you be better prepared as you continue along the path of

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How to tell if she's ready using body language

posted by clintsh 2 years ago under nonverbal, turn on, sexual cues, body language

Most sociologists will tell the vast majority of female conversational cues are actually NON-verbal in nature. Want to know what's REALLY interesting? Lots of women don't even realize they are giving off signs of sexual so much of what we do with our body language is completely on a sub conscious level.

Some body language signs that she's turned on and Here's what to look for:

Posture - back arched, feet pointed out and an opening of the hips

Eye contact - darting, coy and even dilated pupils are a dead give away she's finds you attractive

Touching - either of HERSELF (shoulders, top of breasts) or YOU - knees, shoulders and face

Everyone has their own little "tics", and often sexual body language is like a "tell" in a poker game. It's a giveaway that's often more involuntarily than intentional.

Once you learn how to read what someone REALLY wants, you learn how to get what YOU want with far less friction. You can easily do that with the tao of badass course on body language. You can get it free. Read more here:

How to Date and Attract Younger Women

posted by clintsh 2 years ago under attract women, date younger women, dating

You, it's not always true that someone young will be interested in men in her own age group. They could also go for older men which they find appealing. Some women are just like that. They like to feel protected and well fed. And sometimes, only older men can give them that. They have the experience and wisdom in life absent in most young men that they can offer these younger women.

Still, even if you have all the wisdom and experience in life, if you want to date a younger girl, you may still need a game plan. Same goes for the young guys to make it work.

As you know, women likes to feel safe and protected, not just financially but, more improtantly, emotionally. And how can you do that if you're not emotionally secure yourself? This is the problem with some younger men who are not mature enough to fulfill her needs in this kind of way. All they want is good sex, not knowing that it takes a lot more to really satisfy a woman.

Is it any wonder why some younger women will go for older men instead. When she's had enough of the men her age and wants a relationship, a real relationship, guess where she'll start looking?

If you're older than most, you don't need to act young. Instead, know that she's seeking someone who's emotionally mature and has experience in life. So, take care and know how to handle the situation. Be prepared to face some immaturity on her part as well, you have to be ready for that. It

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